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Maria Gracia – “Keep repeating tasks and rewards for maximum productivity and motivation throughout your day”

Maria Gracia, founder of, specializes in helping people get better organized to live the kind of stress-free life they’ve always dreamed of. Her web site is currently visited by over a million people per year. Her complimentary e-newsletter is currently delivered to nearly 200,000 subscribers worldwide.


1. Why does efficient time management make sense?

Gracia: “We live such busy lives these days, and there are so many opportunities and dreams we can chase. To achieve what we want, it’s imperative to make the most of our minutes. We need effective time management tools to help us.”

2. What is the biggest mistake impeding efficient time management?

Gracia: “In my mind, the biggest mistake is doing things randomly and off-the-top-of-our heads.”

3. Where should I begin, if I want to keep my appointments better?

Gracia: “We have busy lives. We need constant reminders…something to tap us on the shoulder and let us know “what’s next”.”

4. What are the basics for meeting all my deadlines?

Gracia: “Don’t wait for the last minute and then cram everything you have to do into the day or evening before. Determine your deadline date. Assess how much time you have to work each day to make that deadline, and then pad that time by a few days. Schedule that time on your calendar. Then, each day, work on that task or project. Keep visual track of your progress.”

5. How can I strengthen my willpower to follow my plans?

Gracia: “I like the Sandwiching Tasks and Rewards system. First, do a 20 minute task, then enjoy a 10 minute reward, then do another 20 minute task, then enjoy another 10 minute reward. Keep repeating for maximum productivity and motivation throughout your day.”

6. What can I do if others complicate my own time management?

Gracia: “You have to be “in charge” whenever possible. If you don’t respect your own time, nobody else will. That means you have to be strong and be able to say no, or at least speak your mind, when appropriate. ”

7. Which examples provide orientation for efficient time management?

Gracia: “I believe you have to look at the successful people who are achieving great things. They’re not wasting time. They set goals and then they work to achieve those goals. ”

8. What is the difference between time management in private life and in professional life?

Gracia: “I don’t believe there is any difference. Just like you have to plan and prioritize your work, you also have to plan and prioritize time for yourself for the people and things you enjoy.”

9. What personal price do I have to pay for more efficiency?

Gracia: “I believe you are paying more of a price for “in-efficiency.” If you aren’t efficient, you’re wasting time, money, and energy.”

10. What success does a better time management yield?

Gracia: “The more quality time you include in each minute you’re blessed with, the better your quality of life.”

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